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Everything you need to know about the flash game called "Paladog" by fazecat. (See  here )</center> <center>I've only just started this as I'm sure you can tell, so please feel free to help out by editing and adding to it! For Enemy Boss strategies and info, see here.For stages and special levels, see here.

Story Edit

In the distant future, humans have devastated Earth, so the gods cast a deadly curse that destroyed the entire human species. But the gods gave special power to the animals so they could form their own civilization. The animals lived peacefully as the gods expected. However, the demons of the inferno lost their power. As a solution, the demons resurrected humans as deadly soldiers in order to demolish the animal civilization. The animals were helpless and most of them died. However, a hero emerged, with his unique name ‘Paladog’ an abbreviation for ‘Paladin’ and ‘dog.’ Now, Paladog must save the animals and destroy the demons to restore peace to Earth. </center>

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